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The Rundown:

With the first photo shoot done, and the first round of cuts made, the girls realized going into the second shoot that this was a serious competition. "I'm really going to have to step up my game if I want to win this one," Jeannette said early on as she arrived at the shoot. Alice agreed, "If I want to win this one, I'm really going to have to step up my game." Sean, photographer-turned-model and new entrant into the competition, echoed their concerns with slightly more awkward grammar, stating that, "Stepping up my game is really what I'm going to have to do if this one is to be won." Ruth, the robotically confident, agreed with the others. "Damn right. You bitches are going to have to step it up if you want to compete with me."

After several more hours of discussion about the stepping up of one's game, it was time to get down to business. The models were informed that this was to be a fashion shoot to advertise Steve Madden shoes. In addition to that, the models were to do their own hair and makeup, come up with their own poses, and choose their own photo to be used in the advertisement. And with that, they were off to the prep room.

Things went smoothly at first as everyone began to make themselves beautiful. Each model chose an impromptu theme for their outfit to match the shoes they would be modeling. Sean adopted a cowboy motif to match his boots, prompting Alice to comment, "Cowboy? Please. Sean will never make that believable. 'Roughing it' for Sean is wearing Calvin Klein cologne instead of Jean Paul Gaultier." Alice would be sporting a business woman look, while Jeannette was going retro. Ruth, despite popular belief, was not going with metal plating, buttons, and antennae, instead opting for party girl chic. However, it quickly became apparent that several key items had been forgotten, including makeup, articles of clothing, and various materials for the set. It fell on Alex to retrieve the items.

"Bitch, run back home and get my makeup."
"Bitch, go get some sheets for the set back drop."
"Bitch, buy me some ice cream."

Soon, 'bitch' ceased to be an insult as the models merely forgot that it wasn't actually Alex's name.

After the confusion was sorted out, it came time for the shoot itself to begin. Sean was first up. Despite it being his first time in front of the lens instead of behind it, he managed a very impressive performance, although grumblings of "beginner's luck" and "ugly bastard" could be heard from Alice and Jeannette.

Ruth, not to be outdone by the newcomer, stepped up next and delivered a stellar performance as well. Between shots, she looked over to Sean and quipped, "Watch how a professional does it." Sean merely adopted a confused expression and replied, "Sorry, I don't speak robot."

Jeannette followed Ruth, and shot after beautiful shot revealed that Sean and Ruth would both have a run for their money. As Jeannette walked off the set looking satisfied with her work, Alice whispered, "We'll see if she's still smiling when she finds out we all spit on that lollipop she was eating on the set."

Finally, Alice's turn came up. In line with her attire, Alice got down to business immediately and started working poses that rivaled everyone else's. "She's gonna need those business clothes for a real job once she fails as a model," Jeannette smirked, despite Alice A-grade performance.

After all was said and done, the models picked out their favorite shots, at which point the photos were sent off to Korea so that poor children working in sweat shops being paid less than minimum wage could edit them into the eye-catching advertisements you see below. God bless America.

After evaluations, the judges decided that Alex would again have to be the one kicked off that week since all the models did such damn good work. Also, Alex had forgotten to buy Alice the ice cream she had ordered.

"Hey," Alex said. "I know that I'm special, and some day the rest of the world will see it too."

Congratulations to all the models who have advanced to the next round!

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