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After a long hiatus, Fox Paw returns with the third shoot! Originally slated to be aired in June of 2004 (shortly after the photos were taken), controversy quickly arose because the shoot was done completely in the nude. After a year and a half, we can finally bring the photos to you, although, as part of an agreement, clothes have been photoshopped on to all the models.

And now back to 2004...

The Rundown:

With photo shoot number three approaching, one thought was on every models' mind: "I have to step up my game." Also, on the mind of every model except Ruth was the thought: "I hate Ruth. So much." So, a plan was devised. A phone call was made.

"Hey, Ruth?"
"We were thinking of doing the shoot on the 6th. Can you be there?"
"No, that's the one day I can't make it."
"Alright, so the shoot is on the 6th! Hope you can make it!"

Sean, Jeannette, and Alice proceeded happily with the shoot, content with the knowledge that "that robot bitch is finally out of our way." The photo shoot was originally slated to be shot at the palace of Versailles, but due to budget constraints, ended up taking place in an abandoned factory in the middle of nowhere. Still, the models made the best of a bad situation, each nailing some fantastic shots.

They also took the time to make and send this postcard to Ruth:

We hate Ruth.  So much.

Ruth, however, would not give up so easily, especially after receiving such a monumental, postcard-style diss. Before photo judging, Ruth scrounged together an imrpomptu photoshoot of her own. "Those other bitches would have only slowed me down," she remarked. Although her shoot was cut short by what sounded like either a gang, a boogeyman, or a gang of boogeymen, she still produced some great shots.

As this is a competition, judging took place soon afterward. With Alice, Sean, and Jeannette's plan thwarted, it was Alex who, in the end, had to be sent home. "I know that I'm beautiful, and some day the world will see that, too," he said as he packed his bags.

Congratulations to all the models who advance to the next round!




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