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The Rundown:
As the day of the first photo shoot arrived, tensions were running high. The three girls-- Alice, Jeannette, and Ruth-- didn't know what to expect, especially with rumors running rampant that photographers Sean and Alex were taking them to the woods to "have their way with them." This did, in fact, turn out to be the case, as the first assignment was to travel to scenic Jewel Lake, take off their clothes, wrap themselves in skimpy pieces of fabric, and model the hell out of a pair of Freshlook Contact Lenses.

After much makeup and location scouting, Alice was the first to step up for the shoot. Although she claimed to be nervous, Jeannette thought it was just a front, saying, "She's totally faking it. What a drama queen." Indeed, not only did Alice complain about her nerves, but she also apparently had a problem with her eyes. "I have to take my glasses off during the shoot, obviously, so I'm completely blind while I'm being photographed. And this Freshlook shit? They look good, but they do nothing for my vision," Alice whined. This prompted much eye-rolling from Jeannette. Still, when it came down to crunch time, Alice put on her game face and laid down some amazing shots. The H was O.

Once Sean was finished with Alice, and after Alice stripped off her clothes in front of not one but three families who were simply trying to have a nice day in the park, it was Jeannette's turn to step up. Her shoot was not without its own complications, however. "During one part of the shoot, as I was laying in the grass, I looked down to see this gigantic spider crawling up my body. I just sort of flipped out! I didn't know what to do," she explained shakily. Alice and Ruth could be seen laughing in the background, with Alice commenting, "I hope it was a black widow." Not only did Jeannette have to face off against mother nature, but with the photographers as well. "First, Alex and Sean were having some kind of problem with the tripod. I mean, what is that? These guys are supposed to be professionals. Then, late into the shoot, as Sean was positioning me, he grabbed my foot and jammed it into this huge patch of spiky weeds. I was like, 'Hello? Foot lacerations?'" Yet, when all was said and done, Jeannette put together a stunning set of photos as well, and it became clear that Alice wasn't the only girl bringing her A-game.

Finally, it was time for Ruth. Ruth was easily every bit as beautiful as the other two girls, but Sean had some reservations about her. "I don't doubt that she could walk away with the competition, but right now I'm afraid that she's overanalyzing everything. She's just so damn technical! She's like a robot!" As if he had not made himself clear enough, he began doing The Robot for the next twenty minutes. Despite this bias against her and some lingering apprehension about the shoot, Ruth worked it like a professional once the lens was turned on her. Alice and Jeannette barely noticed however, as they were too busy glaring at each other and tossing insults back and forth. Not to be outdone by the other girls, Ruth also brought some drama to the table. "I swear Sean was trying to get me naked!" she said later. "Well, he was obviously trying to get all the girls naked… even random passers-by… but me even more so! He pinned the fabric around me, but it was ridiculously loose. I kept telling him that it was going to fall off, but he would just pretend that I was speaking Ethiopian and that he couldn't understand me. I couldn't believe it!" Ruth persevered, keeping her composure and her costume intact, and in the end it was clear that all three girls had real talent.

Sadly, however, this was indeed a competition, and one person would have to be sent home. This week, it was Alex who was sent packing. He just kept trying to take his pants off in the forest, even though he didn't have to get into costumes, or even model at all. "Hey, I gotsta be me," said a saddened Alex after he was informed by the judges.

Congratulations to all the girls who made the cut this week, and good luck on the next assignment!

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